We all run after the word “happiness”. Like it’s a trophy we can win.

But happiness is a feeling. Every day there are both beautiful and difficult moments.

The trick is to take life as it presents itself. But sometimes life is difficult and you could use a little help. I would be happy to guide you to some calmer waters.




Do you feel stuck in life?
Do you experience inner turmoil, but you don’t know why?
Do you long for more peace and balance?
Are you looking for your own dream?
Do you want to get to know yourself better?
Do you want to learn to put yourself at number one?




Are you sick yourself?
Are you dealing with illness in your environment?
Have you lost someone?
How to deal with illness and / or death?


What can you expect from me?

I am not going to promise you that I have a magic stick that will heal all your wounds.

But what I can promise is that I’ll put you in front of the mirror. Every now and then I will shine a light on you and sometimes it will get dark.

But how your reflection transforms is ultimately up to you.



Short (telephone) introductory meeting where you can feel whether I am the person who can best support you (free of charge)
Five 75-minute sessions. Price incl.VAT € 625, –
You define your central question and I guide you to your own answers
Methods used: e.g. NLP, Systemic work, Transactional Analysis, Inquiry, Visualization


Who am I as a coach

I studied for three years to obtain a degree in NLP, Systemic Work and Transactional Analysis. Every day I use tools devised by leading philosophers. But as a student of life I have now filled an enormous backpack with experiences of myself, clients and palliative patients. Those experiences are my greatest treasures.