It’s me, Trodessa.

A name to remember because it’s so unusual.

Just like my name, my life has also been a bit unusual.

At a young age I learned the duality of life. 

As a kid I grew up in a kibbutz in Israel. A place where ‘togetherness and equality’ were defined as core values. Later in life I moved to Holland where I felt ‘alone and inequality’ for the first time in my life. 

The duality of life popped up again when my mom died of Alzheimer’s at the age of fifty five. Life and death, the lightness and the darkness was suddenly so present.

With the death of my mom I also lost a piece of life. Working like crazy trying to achieve something was my way of trying to feel life. Or maybe it was my way of escaping it. 

But everything changed when I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of thirty six and when I ended up in a coma in Africa at the age of thirty eight because of bacterial meningitis.  

Cancer had awakened my own mortality and the meningitis made me surrender to it. 

Truly feeling my own mortality brought light to the darkness and darkness to the light. Everything made sense and life seemed so simple. 

A curiosity arose to find out more about all the wisdom coming from death. 

For over three years I have been interviewing people between thirty and fifty five years old who knew they were dying. Every conversation has been a true gift. So much wisdom was hidden in a word that all of us fear, “death”.

My mission:

  • Make people aware of their own mortality so that they can truly see and feel life’s beauty
  • Teach people to accept life as it is. Happiness can be found in the acceptance of the duality of life
  • To give death the place it deserves in society